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Welcome to the Affiliate Program! The opportunity to make money with Curvy Gyals has arrived. We'll give you the chance to grow with us. Get commissions by placing product orders from new customers you invite. The more you join, the more money you will earn.

About our programs

Being part of this program is pretty simple, the possibility to become one of our best ambassadors is very close to you. All you need to start this journey is to follow these steps: Only customers who have purchased from Curvy Gyals at least once, could be part of this journey.


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Affliate Program

If you have any of our products, why not make 10% of whatever your friend or family purchases when they shop with us? Get 10% cash, money to your payment method of your choice!

Wholesale Program

Looking to start a side hustle? This program has a minimum quantity of 30 products of the order which you will get these bundle offer at a percentage off.

Retailer Program

If you would like to carry our products in your business this one is for you! Become an Authorized Retailer of Curvy Gyals to get all your Curvy Gyals items at a discounted price. Minimum quanity is 100 items.

Why to join our
curvy gyals team?

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Shapewear to Make Women Feel Beautiful and Confident 

Be apart of an amazing community 

run Your own Business

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Choose which of these programs best apply to what you are looking for.

Pick a color and size

Fill out the application for your program of interest. Once approved or denied, you will receive an email.

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Once approved, you will have a login portal to track your orders or affliates. You will also be able to track your payouts or any other information needed.

Ready to apply now?

Applications will be processed withibg 48 hours.