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What's The Purpose?

What's The Purpose?

What's the reason of wearing a faja? The thing is that everyone’s reason may be different but it all comes down to the same thing. We use these fajas to not only highlight the curves that we already have but to also tighten our body. The fajas that we sell are custom made to your unique shape. Most people use these garments for after surgery such as a BBL, LIPO360, BREAST AUGMENTATION, MOMMY MAKE OVER you name it! But what about our Curvys that haven't gotten surgery? Or that don't want surgery? That's not a problem at all! Our garments will still work for you. With a nice workout plan and a healthy diet you will be able to see results and shape your body. Check out our socials and website to see what the hype is about. Garments will not stop you from doing your daily activities that you need to do nor will it take away from your look at all. In fact it will actually add some more spice!! Come join the Curvy Gyals Team. The garment that is made for women with curves, by women with curves. Happy Monday Curvys!! 💕💕






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