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The Block Is Hot!

The Block Is Hot!




Hey Curvys!

The rumors are insane. Really Rib Removal? Let’s talk about it.
There’s no ribs being removed. The Curvy Gyals Faja are just THAT good. They’re getting the job done and getting our ladies as snatched as ever. Fajas are mandatory for after surgery recovery as explained in our previous post. The reason why many ladies must go back and do a round 2 is because the after-surgery maintenance is not up to par. This is the main reason why Kristina even chose to design her own fajas because what she has endured in her own recovery. You ladies deserve to have a faja that is made just for you. Not too big and not too small. No matter how long ago you had your surgery remember it’s still good to keep a faja with you. We grow every day and our body changes everyday as well. Click the link to see how you can maintain that beautiful body of yours and how we can help you Get Curvy & Stay Curvy!

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