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Over the past few days, I've been reading many comments about our Curvy Gyals fajas. We take notice of every experience on all of our social platforms. I'm elated to know the acceptance and affection we have received from you all, showing us that we produce an exceptionally high-quality product. Most of the comments I have read are about how much you love the fajas and their results, which further proves it. I'm so grateful to you for sharing all these stories with us. However, I know that not everything can be perfect, no matter how much you want it to be.

After reviewing and checking what could cause these inconveniences, I noticed some information is still unclear on how the fajas fit and taking the measurements. One of the best qualities of the fajas manufactured at Curvy Gyals is that they're unique and custom-made (made to measure).

The most important thing you should know is that the faja is well-made and custom-made by the exact measurements provided as well, even if it seems too difficult or even impossible to put it on. I even came to believe that one of my fajas was wrong, and its measurements were not correct. I had tried to wear a new faja, and the measurements of these were identical to an old faja that I no longer wear. Not only that, but I even tried on the old faja, and its measurements were fine, as I was able to wear it without any problems. I've started to think about what could've been the reason why I could not wear it if this new faja were identical to the other one. Besides, it was made to my measurements...


I tried both fajas to see what could have caused it. Again with the new faja, it was difficult for me to pass it over my thighs; however, that didn't happen with the old one, and I could wear it. I thought, "why can't I wear this new faja?" every time I put it on. It was frustrating at the beginning. I was even going to try a new faja because I didn't want it to happen again if the faja was supposed to be made with the exact measurements and conditions; I just wondered why.
Guess what? It happened again!

This time, I was sure that the measurements were correct; they were taken correctly and applied as they should have. So now, I had a second faja that could not fit, so I began to despair due to the frustration. From that moment, I started to understand how you felt when you left the comments about not fitting yours.
After doing a second review, I saw what was going on. Precisely, due to the products are made by exact measurements, if the body is not measured correctly or there's an issue in the making, it seems that it is not the correct garment, or it's the wrong one at the moment of wearing it.


When I saw how I put on the old faja and then how I did it with the new faja, I could finally understand why it wasn't able to fit before. I tried the same with both, and it worked. Yes! Finally, I was able to wear both, and they do just like the older faja.
Even though the fajas are made with specific measurements, this does not mean that the garment will slip and slide over one's body as if it were a stocking or a glove. Although the garments are considered underwear cloth, they are not small garments, and sometimes this can be not easy to dress and get it fitted completely.

Due to the experience, it's entirely normal for me to wear this type of garment. It feels like wearing a blouse or any other standard girdle. You already know how you should put them on, but when you start to use a new garment like this, you realize that it has a specific way to put it entirely differently. That's why it couldn't pass it over my thighs, or it seemed that it had wrong measurements.

I decided to make a video where I explain the best way to put it on, because this way you can be sure that you are putting on the faja correctly, and at the same time, this will confirm that the faja was made with the correct measurements. At the end of this post, you will find the link to the video I am talking about, and you can also find it on my YouTube channel.

I also want to tell you that when you receive your fajas, and you are going to use them for the first time, I could suggest wearing them on underwear or some kind of garment under the faja, because in case there is something wrong with the faja, and it's verified, the first step you should do for any process is to prove that it's actually like that. Therefore, once it has been sent back, it will be checked to confirm that it has arrived in the same conditions as it was sent. Keep in mind that if the garment comes altered, stained, or odor, this could be a reason for not accepting any process with the faja.
After seeing this, I started to apply it to the fajas reported with wrong measurements like with my two new fajas, this started to work, and the number of people who told us that their faja was wrong started to decrease significantly.


To see the video: How to put your faja?


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