Customized Waist Eraser Faja : Post-Surgery & Everyday Body Shaping Waist Eraser Long Torso

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The Customized Waist Eraser Faja, can be worn for Stage 2, and 3.

It is required for Stage 1 as it is the essential Faja for right after surgery. Comfortable and customized to your preference, the Faja can come in Black/Nude, with Bra/No Bra, Butt Covered/Butt With Holes, Short Thigh/Mid Thigh/Above Knee, No Sleeves/Sleeves Beneath Elbow, and Stage 1/2/3.Upper back compression.

The Customized Waist Eraser provides maximum compression and optimal support so it's ideal for best results, post surgery care, and working out.

Not having surgery, just had a baby, or have an event that you want to contour your body for? Our Customized St. Azar Traditional Faja is the answer.

— Lower back compression
Bra Fat compression
— Stomach Compression while NOT compressing Butt
4 Hooks
— Prevent faja burn
Leg Compression
— Durable/Comfortable Fabric
Lift and Shape Butt
— Say Good Bye to rubbing leg noise from faja!
— Opening to easily use bathroom without taking off garment both #1 & #2

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