Copy of Waist Eraser Krissy - Curvy Gyals
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Stage 1 & 2 Package
Andria Flores
10/10 recommend

Curvy Gyals is the ONLY way to snatch period!!

Waist Eraser Strapless
roxanne woods

I love the way it holds everything in place, especially it really provides the curves women are lookin for as well as the compression!!

Waist Eraser Vest
Quadasha Scott
The best garments

I own 4 curvy Gyal garments. I absolutely love them. With surgery plus my curvy Gyal garment my waist was snatched. My cousin and I swear by this company

The Snatcher Waist Eraser
Danielle Smalls
Best Fajas ever!

Both of my Fajas were constructed to perfection. My consultation for my fitting was great and they have a customer for life!

Waist Eraser
Marsha Williams
Waist Eraser

I had a hard time getting into the garment. I reached out to customer service. They told me they have a team that can help me with getting into the garment. We had a time scheduled. 6 minutes before the video was suppose to start I received a text that I had not showed up. I have sent 2 emails to say I did not get a call neither did I get a link for a video check. It’s been almost 2 weeks and no responses. I think customer service stinks. These garments are not cheap and I think if it does not fit they should try to work with clients to make sure they are happy with their purchase. I bought 3 of their garments. The last 2 I gave them actually bigger measurements still did not fit. I feel like once they get your money they care nothing about their customers. Poor customer service

Ultra Snatched!!!

I ordered my first Pink “The Snatcher, Waist Eraser” about a month ago and it came in two days post op while I was in miami which Curvy Gyals send via Uber to my hotel room. Unfortunately the fit was slightly off so they immediately fixed the issue sending another Uber to pick it back up from my hotel and which was about two weeks ago and I just received my new one yesterday and if fits perfectly and I have room to continue waist training because im on the last and second to last hook. The quality is phenomenal and is in entirely different league then the other 4 fajas i purchased from Amazon, Ebay and on the internet. Im super sad i odered the other fajas anywhere else because the fit and snatching is just not there for me. Since receiving my new faja yesterday I went back to Curvy Gyals and ordered a bundle of two more fajas which i am currently waiting on my consulation video chat for another fitting and as to which fajas I want and what colors and designs. I am truly grateful to have found Curvy Gyals and speak with Krissy and her story on her IG is what caught my attention and I was inspired and so glad to have found the Curvy Gyals page before my surgery so I can have the best results possible after my BBL, Lipo 360 and chin lipo. I go back to Miami in 3 months for My Mommy Makeover which is another round of Lipo, a Tummy Tuck and a breast augmentation and I cannot wait to continue using Curvy Gyals along my journey! There is no snatch out there like the one you will get with Curvy Gyals and their Customer Service cannot be matched! 20/10 recommend!
-Andria Flores

Snatcher Waist Eraser

Putting it on for the first time was a bit of a challenge. My first time wearing it I found it to be surprisingly comfortable. The first hooks gave me a 2in loss in my waist. I can’t wait to see my progress and am looking forward to my next purchase.

The Snatcher Bodysuit
Chimere Mccassling

I literally love this… it’s takes some assistance to get it on at first I could’ve added an extra inch or two for my waist measurement but it stilll SNATCHHHEDDDDDD ME IN I purchased the thong one also immediately

Love it

Love this faja especially the new butt design I can wear it under thin clothing now. I wore it under thin pant and my figure looked so good. Thank you

This stage 3 faja was a god send! The stage 2 I had pressed my butt and hips in. But this one fits everything perfectly and I LOVE the material! I watched the curvy gyals measurement video to do my measurements correctly but when I initially opened the package the faja looked too small. Then, I put it on and OH MY GOSH! Not just my booty, but my body looks so good in this faja!🤩 My bust measurement was 40.5, my waist was 34.5 and my hips were 43.5 inches. Curvy gyals got it right for the curvy girls!😝🥰😍 I look forward to my shape when I’m done wearing this faja because I am truly feeling myself on how it’s shaping me postoperatively✨ Thanks Curvy Gyals!🤗💖😘

The Snatcher Waist Eraser
Chimere Mccassling
Snatched is an understatement

This snatcher amazing…. I absolutely love it 🥰
I can’t wait to wear it under my dress for my birthday

Shean B.

Just echoing what I said before, the absolute best faja I've ever worn its just great quality, good compression where needed overall quality garment.
One does side to it. the roding in the back area really dig in the skin, need to figure out how to minimize that. But other than that, it's the BEST faja ever. And I ordered 3 within 2. months because I don't not want to have to wear any different garment.

I love my curvy gyal faja!!! fit just like I thought it would, hold my stomach in and limiting my eating

Stage 2 or 3 Faja | Waist Eraser Faja
Abigail Bloomfield
In regards to order #17626

Good day so I am yet to receive my order. I am in Jamaica but it was shipped to my shipping company’s warehouse. I guess because it was sent as a gift and the receipt is not on it, they are having some issues. What can you guys do to help with this?

Waist Eraser Faja With Built Latex Mid Section
Tangi B.

The faja is just amazing excellent quality fits perfectly and just the right amount of compression that I needed. My body look and feel way better since I got then.

Route Package Protection

Stage 2 or 3 Faja | Waist Eraser Faja
Diannichia Wolfe

It does the job

St Azar Traditional Faja
Shean Boothe

In my opinion THE BEST faja ever made. I wish I had ordered two st Azar because there is non to compare.

Waist Eraser Faja With Built Latex Mid Section With Bra
Shean Boothe
Stage 1

I'm still in my stage 1 faja as I'm only 14 days post op however the stage 1 is still doing its job, there were a few bumps but I have figured it out and I'm totally inlove with my snatches me in all the right areas.

Custom - Krissy Faja - Thin Straps ( Bra Not Included)
Sent me wrong measurement and Faja 3 times

My faja ( waist eraser) came with twice the size of the measurements. It was like a maternity gown. They got on a video call and they confirmed it. They Sent a return shipping label for this and I returned it . It was claimed that it had a smell and it was returned back to me. Mind you these faja cost almost $300, that’s down the drain . Again I placed a second other (thin strap faja). This came again with wrong measurements for my butt area. Got on a video call and errors were confirmed. They Sent a return shipping label and it was returned. This time I was told to include the faja from the first order if I washed it , which I did. They sent me a fresh shipment but this time around they gave me a Wrong faja. Yes even reading is exhausting . Again , I got them on a video call and showed them what was sent to me, confirmed what should have been sent and sent a return a label AGAIN !! Now they stopped responding to my emails and blocked me on their WhatsApp number they use to communicate. They are still holding unto my faja’s and I have no means to contact them .

The arms slide off the shoulder very easily requiring a lot of adjustments. I love the cinch. Torso could be longer. Seams could be stronger.

I enjoy exercising in my Faja. The before and after is amazing. Love the results. The seams could be strong.

I like these Fajas except the seams come aloose easily. Be careful tugging.

Great shape wear, shipped when expected however the straps keeps coming undone, I love thise compression garment other then that.

Naomi Faja Bodysuit Shapewear
Jennifer M.

It fits so well and holds all in the right places.