Empower everyone worldwide by providing innovative and tailored shapewear solutions that celebrate and enhance their natural curves. We are dedicated to redefining beauty standards and fostering confidence in everyone's unique body shape. Committed to quality, comfort, and style, Kristina Values aims to be the go-to destination for shapewear that not only transforms silhouettes but also uplifts spirits. Through our manufacturing excellence and a passion for design, we aspire to empower women to embrace their curves with pride and step into the world with confidence, knowing that their values and individuality are at the heart of everything we create.

Pink Garden Dress - Curvy Gyals


At Curvy Gyals Factory, we go beyond manufacturing; we cultivate a family atmosphere in every stitch. Our team is the heartbeat of Curvy Gyals, propelling our growth and success. We are dedicated to ensuring a positive impact at every stage of production, recognizing that the well-being and growth of our team are integral to the quality and excellence of the shapewear we proudly create

Our Message

At CurvyGyals, our commitment extends beyond creating exceptional shapewear; we're devoted to forging enduring partnerships with factories that align with our shared vision of sustainability, accountability, and transparency. Recognizing the value of education and transparency, we actively engage in a continuous journey of research and awareness. We believe in not only delivering quality goods but also in fostering a transparent ecosystem across all facets of our business. It's a collaborative effort, where we strive to inform and educate our partners on the importance of transparency, creating a shared understanding that resonates throughout our long-term relationships