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  • Your Trusted Faja Store Near You - Find Your Perfect Faja at Curvy Gyals
    April 4, 2023 Kristina Robinson

    Your Trusted Faja Store Near You - Find Your Perfect Faja at Curvy Gyals

    One-stop destination for high-quality fajas and shapewear. Our wide selection of fajas colombianas, fajas para hombre, and fajas post parto are designed to provide maximum compression and support to help you achieve your desired shape and figure. We offer custom fajas near you and online, making it easy and convenient to find the perfect faja for you.
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    October 24, 2022 Aliyah Salmon


    Good Morning Curvy's ! Let's take a time to address these crazy rumors! The CEO has never gotten a rib removal. After care for surgery is a really big thing. You're in control of how your body looks after surgery. You...

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  • How To Achieve A Smaller Waist?
    October 14, 2022 Aliyah Salmon

    How To Achieve A Smaller Waist?

        Is it possible to achieve a smaller waist after surgery? The answer is yes! But also how is it possible? At Curvy Gyals we do not believe in small, medium, large, extra large, ect. We believe that everyones...

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  • Winter Is Coming To Town.
    October 12, 2022 Aliyah Salmon

    Winter Is Coming To Town.

      Hey Curvys! Hope all is well. Have you checked out our Waist Eraser Full Body Faja? Winter season is approaching very fast and this faja will have you covered. Coverage all the way down to your ankles great for...

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  • The Block Is Hot!
    October 4, 2022 Aliyah Salmon

    The Block Is Hot!

          Hey Curvys! The rumors are insane. Really Rib Removal? Let’s talk about it. There’s no ribs being removed. The Curvy Gyals Faja are just THAT good. They’re getting the job done and getting our ladies as snatched...

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  • What's The Purpose?
    October 3, 2022 Aliyah Salmon

    What's The Purpose?

    What's the reason of wearing a faja? The thing is that everyone’s reason may be different but it all comes down to the same thing. We use these fajas to not only highlight the curves that we already have but...

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  • Happy Friyay Curvys!
    September 30, 2022 Aliyah Salmon

    Happy Friyay Curvys!

      Good Morning Curvys! Wanted to remind you ladies that you are loved and appreciated. If it wasn't for you all Curvy Gyals would not be where it is today. We appreciate all the support and thats why we do...

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