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Personalized Fajas Colombianas with Built in Bra and Sleeves - Curvy Gyals


In 2014, Kristina Robinson embarked on a personal journey that would ultimately lead to the
creation of Curvy Gyals. After undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift(BBL), she faced the challenge of finding shapewear that complemented her newly sculpted

The struggle was real - a smaller waist, voluptuous hips, and a desire for a snatched silhouette. Determined to find the perfect solution, Kristina experimented with various garments but found them lacking in comfort, functionality, and

The turning point came five years later when Kristina Robinson opted for liposuction. Armed with newfound knowledge about her body and shapewear needs,she collaborated with a sewing shop to create a customized faja that not only accentuated her curves but also prioritized comfort and practicality. Little did she know that this endeavor would spark a viral sensation, with women everywhere clamoring for the same transformative garment.

However, the success came at a price - the sewing shop began selling Kristina's unique designs to a broader audience. Rather than feeling defeated, Kristina saw an
opportunity to expand her vision. Empowered by the experience, she decided to establish her own manufacturing factory, taking control of the design process
to ensure that every piece catered to the diverse needs of women seeking the
perfect shapewear solution. 

From this entrepreneurial spirit emerged Curvy Gyals, a brand that goes beyond the conventional norms of shapewear. Kristina opened the first flagship store in
Miami, a testament to the brand's commitment to providing women with quality products that celebrate their individuality. Soon after, a second location graced the vibrant streets of Jamaica, solidifying Curvy Gyals' presence on the international stage.

As the CEO of Curvy Gyals, Kristina continues to lead with passion, innovation, and a dedication to redefining beauty standards. Through her journey, she has
not only transformed her own life but has also empowered countless women to embrace their bodies and curves confidently. Curvy Gyals is not just a brand; it's a movement, and Kristina is at the forefront, shaping the future of shapewear one curve at a time.