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The Customized St. Azar Traditional Faja, can be worn for Stage 1, 2, and 3.

It is required for Stage 1 as it is the essential Faja for right after surgery. Comfortable and customized to your preference, the Faja can come in Black/Nude, with Bra/No Bra, Butt Covered/Butt With Holes, Short Thigh/Mid Thigh/Above Knee, No Sleeves/Sleeves Beneath Elbow, and Stage 1/2/3.Upper back compression.

The Customized St. Azar Traditional Faja provides maximum compression and optimal support so it's ideal for best results, post surgery care, and working out.

Not having surgery, just had a baby, or have an event that you want to contour your body for? Our Customized St. Azar Traditional Faja is the answer.

— Lower back compression
Bra Fat compression
— Stomach Compression while NOT compressing Butt
4 Hooks
— Prevent faja burn
Leg Compression
— Durable/Comfortable Fabric
Lift and Shape Butt
— Say Good Bye to rubbing leg noise from faja!
— Opening to easily use bathroom without taking off garment both #1 & #2



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Waist Erase Faja!!! Best Faja!!!This Faja IS AMAZING!!! BEST MATERIAL EVER !!! I order my faja 3 1/2 weeks ago and it actually arrived on time and as expective. I was very Spectical about ordering from this company due to so many bad reviews about shopping and fajas not fitting and all the negative feed some ladys put out there. Pls don't listen and watch the measuring video carefully and to be honest I had to call the Customer service line to explained them what faja I was searching for and what stage was I in and if I was measuring my self correctly .?Customer service was AMAZING !!! Guided me on how to property measure my self and advise me on faja according to my stage and suitable for my needs .Omg this has been the best !!! Investment I've done for my recovery!!!Its absolutely gourges!!!😍😍😍 its ABSOLUTELY TAILER TO FIT YOUR BODY 😍NO FAJA MAKER DOES THIS !!YOU GET EVERYTHING WITH THIS FAJA !!!Truly gives you the snached waist, the perfect compresion for your upper body and lifts the Booty .Pls look no further this Faja is every womens dream Faja .I order 2 ☺ one with sleeves and second one with no sleeves summer's just around the conner so why not invest .THANK YOU SO MUCH CURVY GYALS FOR MAKING SUCH AN AMAZING FAJA TO FIT OUR NEEDS .

Magali Alvarez
Tracy, CA

I was initially hesitant to purchase this faja because of haters on social media but I remained intrigued. Once I saw the sale I jumped on it and I’m so happy I did! I wish I would’ve purchased this right after surgery instead of waiting 6 months but I’m so happy I’m finally a curvy gyal. What waist bihhhhhh

Shantalya Edwards
Taylors, SC









Burning duo

The Customized WAIST TRAINER VEST WITH PANTY provides you strong compression on your midsection area with zero flips in the bottom and showing stunning results at the same time.

This reference designed by Kristina, and manufactured by the experts of CurvyGyals is dedicated to Surgical and Non-Surgical customers.

Not only for weddings but for those special occasions when you want to contour your body looking and feeling sexy, our customized WAIST TRAINER VEST WITH PANTY is the answer.

— Lower back compression
— Levels of 
— Durable/Comfortable Fabric
Lift and Shape Butt

 Just keep in mind your waist measurements and that's it. You will look as you ever dream. 

Customizations of your Faja

1. How do I order a 
customized garment?​
All orders can be made through our website, here at​

A.) Login/signup so all your order details will be saved for future use.​

B.) Go to "shop" located in our header, very top of page on our menu.​

C.) Find the garment(s) you'd like to purchase, and then fill out the customization boxes.​

D.) Proceed to checking out and entering your order details etc.

2. Do you ship to my country?

Yes! we ship international, world-wide. Every Country.


3. When will I get my tracking number?

As soon as your order has been dropped off at the post office. You'll automatically receive an email with your tracking number.

4. How do I know if my order wasplaced correctly?

As soon as you place an order you will get a email confirmation automatically. please check spam/promotions folder if you can't find it.

5. When will my order ship?​

These are custom products and require time to be made (processing time). Once your order is complete and shipped off, you will receive a 2nd email with your tracking info, which you can track yourself via USPS. all this info and more will be given to you in that email.

6. When will I get my order?​

Orders take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered to you (USA) and 3-4 weeks (INT). If it's past that time frame, Please contact us.


7. How does the Faja process work?

These are custom made Fajas. You take your current measurements. Bust/Waist/Hips.
Pick the faja you'd like. Enter in your measurements and customization options and we size the garment for your post surgical Body.


8. How do you know what size I will be after surgery?
When doing Liposuction / Tummy Tuck to the stomach reduces in inches in the waist and if you’re doing a Brazilian Butt lift or only hips increases.
I keep that in mind when I’m sizing the faja. 

9. Im getting a BBL, Will the faja compress my butt?

No it will not. There's a special stretch material used at the butt/Hip area to prevent compression.


10. Will the sleeveless faja slide down ?

No, there are grips inside to prevent sliding or rolling down.

11. I'm Getting a certain surgery, What faja do I get?

We have a a representative via Live chat ( Left hand corner ) available Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST
that can help you choose the right faja that meets your needs. 

12. What is the difference between Butt-In & Butt-Out?
Butt-In is more comfortable and suggested during recovery.
Butt-Out starts at stage 2 and lifts/Rounds the butt more. Click Here to View a picture.

13. What is an Extender?

An extra Accessory used to create extra space and adjust the size of your garment. We have 4 Hooks.

14. Does it hurt going over my hips, does it completely opens?

We understand how painful it is to get a small waist garment over your new hips.
We make our garment to open up completely and only needs to be pulled up on your legs.

15. How much is Shipping?

Calculated by UPS on our checkout screen.

16. How do I measure myself?

We have a very detailed chart and video on how to correctly measure on our sizing page. 


17.Can I wear your faja if I haven't had surgery and don't plan to?

Yes! Our fajas are both surgical and Non-Surgical.
You can definitely  still use are garments and see great results.

18. I had surgery years ago. Is it too late to wear your fajas?

No! It is never too late to train your body.
I suggest getting a stage 3 Maximum compression garment for maximum results.

19. How long do you wear your faja for?

You can wear your faja as long as you want throughout the day.
You can even sleep in them. The more you wear and the longer. The better the results.



Here at Curvy Gyals we aim to manufacture each product within 7 to 10 business days after clients fills out all the information, not counting shipping days.  If it is incorrect or no measurements are submitted by the customer this will delay the process.