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curvy gyals show you most about how you can to get improves using shapewears and colombian fajas.


Cleaning sensitive garments or keeping them clean and neat is one of the most difficult things we find; even if it’s about a faja which is considered underwear. There are so many things to keep in mind to clean the faja without affecting the fabric or the faja itself. Also, if you are going through a post-operative process when wearing one of our fajas is mandatory, this should be treated very carefully when wearing it and when cleaning it, as it becomes very common for the faja to end up with the residue of blood, sweat, or other fluids that end up being difficult to remove. Even worse, sometimes it is not possible to clean it without affecting the faja anyway.

I have seen several posts where people ask how to clean or wash the faja and I know that it is something that y’all are interested in, because they can ensure that they will receive a garment they can take care of. 

Something very important to keep in mind with our fajas and with any other products when cleaning it, is that if you want to keep your faja in good condition, here you have some tips that will be very helpful for it.

The garment should not be washed in the washing machine under any circumstances, as this will surely damage the faja; it must be hand-washed. 

Among the products that should be used, abrasive chemicals definitely cannot. Concerning soaps, these ones should not be too aggressive, if you can use a liquid one, that would be so much better.

When the garment is washed and set to dry, it cannot be exposed to the sun, nor can it be wrung out. Keeping it in a place where there is enough ventilation, should be enough.

Do not use brushes to clean it, unless it is a brush of fine threads, just in case, make sure not to scratch the fabric.

When washing the garment, the water temperature is also pretty important. Try to use warm water for that purpose. 

If the faja becomes stained with blood or body fluids, you can use hydrogen peroxide if it becomes stained with blood or sweat stains, this can help to remove these stains.

These recommendations will help you a lot to keep your faja clean and at the same time, this will help your faja last as long as possible.

Remember to follow these steps so that you can continue to have the best faja of all, and don't forget that if you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact us and someone will be happy to help you.

Please check this video. it would be a guide:

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